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Canadian growers know challenges come in many shapes and sizes. From environmental effects on crops, to transport disruptions, and food safety concerns. Each one requires a different type of crisis management and carefully crafted communications.

Banking & Financial Services

You work in a fast-paced world, and when crisis hits you can't afford to act slowly. We'll work with your team to make sure you have all the bases covered no matter the situation. Whether it's a human relations matter, or an external issue creating a negative impact on investments we will ensure your communications hit the right tone, and your teams make the right moves.


Reputation matters. You work hard to proactively build a positive persona, but emergency situations on campus, concerns within the student body, and controversy related to a staff member can discredit your brand. Our team will ensure you are prepared to take action swiftly to mitigate damage from a crisis, and keep your reputation intact.

Energy & Utilities

The work you do is critical to our day-to-day lives. Any effect to our heat, electricity, and water can become a crisis situation quickly. Who you communicate to and how your communicate matters. Let us help ensure you are ready to go.


Hallway medicine, the spread of a virus, and general reputation-based risk can all require effective, swift and informed crisis mitigation strategies. Be prepared to act most effectively and communicate your message when it matters most. 

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